Supporting caregivers in the workplace

Part of Caregivers Alberta’s mission is to educate employers about how to build caregiver-friendly company policies and practices.

At Caregivers Alberta, we provide:

  • Programs and presentations for executive leadership, staff and management
  • Information and resources for supervisors, HR professionals, employee wellness groups and others
  • Up-to-date materials on best practices
  • Caregiver support – right in the workplace

About the Work & Care program

Don’t lose good people for no reason.

Access our programs and resources to learn why it makes good business sense to support your caregiving employees, view sample policies, toolkits and guides, and find out the best ways to support the caregivers in your workforce.

Would you like Caregivers Alberta to share our expertise with you? Our robust Work & Care program can give you -—and your managers — what you need to help caregivers in your workplace thrive.

  • Executive Work & Care presentation – 30 minutes
  • Supporting Caregivers at Work – 3 modules*

*Managers and supervisors who complete all three modules earn a Management Certificate in Caregiver-Friendly Workplaces.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your Work & Care workshop.