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CBC First Person: A series on caregivers and their stories

February 2022

Caregivers Alberta partnered with CBC reporter Elise Stolte to empower family caregivers to tell their own stories to the world, seeking to understand work that is both natural and often invisible. This month-long series is a raw and honest look at the beauty, and the struggle, Alberta’s caregivers face.

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Helping family caregivers find flexible employment

By Su-Ling Go | Edmonton Health Matters | Global News Hour at 6 | Sept. 7, 2021

Caregiver Darren Hinger, who also works for Caregivers Alberta, is excited about a new initiative to help caregivers juggle their obligations to their care recipient, and their need for work that brings in a sustainable income. Matchwork is an initiative between University of Alberta researchers and Caregivers Alberta that aims to match family caregivers with employers offering flexible jobs.

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Working caregivers to be helped by new Alberta partnership

By Rick Lauber | Alberta Prime Times | Aug. 14, 2021

Juggling being a family caregiver and doing a paid job doesn’t always go smoothly. A new Alberta project, Matchwork, is an initiative involving University of Alberta researchers and Caregivers Alberta.  The program aims to match working family caregivers with employers offering flexible jobs.

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Don’t quit your job – and other advice for family caregivers from a live Q&A

Elise Stolte | Edmonton Journal | May 5, 2021

Read about or watch this hour-long conversation aimed at helping family caregivers navigate the support available to them – and the challenges – of Alberta’s complex system of home care.

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Albertans taking care of senior and ill family members ‘isolated’ through the COVID-19 pandemic

By Allison Bench | Global News | Jan. 19, 2021

Learn more about a report from the University of Alberta showing the COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of hours family caregivers care for loved ones at home – and their skyrocketing levels of anxiety and loneliness.

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Alberta program aims to give some respite to caregivers

Sarah Komadina | Global News | May 4, 2020

Well Connected, a partnership between ElderCare Edmonton and Caregivers Alberta, provides a one-hour, weekly program through Zoom. The program helps participants stay engaged with their community, and their minds and bodies active, while reducing isolation.

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