During the month of Thanksgiving, join our Giving Gratitude campaign and show Alberta's caregivers that you care.

Giving Gratitude: A message from Caregivers Alberta

During the month of October, we’ll gather in small communities to celebrate Thanksgiving. While we’re there, we’ll discuss what we’re grateful for…and some of us will feel inspired to give back.

At some point in everyone’s life, they will be a care recipient, a caregiver or both. In fact, one in three people you work with are also trying to care for a loved one at home.

In honour of the gifts our caregivers give – and the gifts our care recipients give back – we are asking you to join us in Giving Gratitude. The focus of this month-long giving campaign is to raise awareness, financial support and conversation surrounding the importance of Alberta’s caregivers.

Caregivers give an amazing gift to their loved ones, but they also give back to the entire community. Alberta has close to 1 million caregivers – 28 per cent of our population – and they save the province $5.8 billion a year.

Help us care for Alberta’s caregivers today, through your Giving Gratitude gift: a generous way to recognize this Thanksgiving season.

Sandy Sereda, Executive Director
Caregivers Alberta 

How your support helps caregivers in Alberta

Caregiver support

Supporting caregivers through the development and delivery of programs and services that address caregivers’ needs.


Our award-winning COMPASS for the Caregiver program is delivered by licensed partners in communities across the province. We train facilitators to prepare them to deliver the curriculum and workshop modules, and support caregivers in their community.


Influencing public policy to ensure that the health and social systems in Alberta recognize and support our caregivers.


Developing and nurturing strategic partnerships and collaborating with not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions, government agencies and the private sector to promote and facilitate access to caregiver support services.