By participating in research, you have the opportunity to influence the supports that are developed for caregivers.

Care Trajectories 

Do you fall within one of the five identified care trajectories? If so we would like to talk to you! There is an opportunity to participate in research regarding the different care trajectories and your caregiving experience. Please contact Lisa Adams at 1-877-453-5088 or email ( to learn more!

  • Late Bloomer: A single short period of care in early 60s to a parent or spouse. Its defining feature is a single, short episode of providing care (fewer than 5 years), mostly to spouses or parents.
  • Encore: Mid-life care to relatives, then to friends. Its defining feature is a first long episode of providing care, mostly to parents or spouses, followed by shorter episodes increasingly to same-generation friends or neighbours.
  • All at Once: Mid-life periods of care to parents (or in-laws), often overlapping. Its defining feature is a decade or more of providing care, mainly to parents or parents-in-law, and usually for more than one parent at the same time.
  • Enduring: Started young and cared long for close family members. Its defining feature is a first very long episode of providing care to close family, followed by a second long episode of providing care to close family or friends.
  • Serial: Started young and cared long for everyone, often overlapping. Its defining feature is a long-term pattern of caring for others (close relatives, distant relatives, friends or neighbours), often at the same time.

The Canadian Spondylitis Association

The Canadian Spondylitis Association needs your expert input! They have launched a “Caregiver & Patient Support” survey to learn more about your experiences as a caregiver, where you access information and what types of topics are of interest.. We intend to use the insights collected to develop resources and website content and for advocacy and awareness purposes. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time. Please participate – you are the expert!…/caregiver-support-survey/