Our Board is currently recruiting directors for Fall 2020 to help steer Caregivers Alberta towards a sustainable future where we can continue to value and support the close to 1 Million family caregivers in our province.

The Board provides leadership in areas of governance, strategic direction and policy, and fiduciary accountability. We aim to attract committed individuals and provide governance that is consistent with Caregiver Alberta’s mission, vision, and values. By joining Caregivers Alberta’s Board of Directors you will have a unique opportunity to help create a community of support around family caregivers.

Directors will be elected at Caregivers Alberta’s Annual General Meeting in the fall for a two-year term. Submissions will be accepted until July 15, 2020. The Nominating committee will contact those applicants selected for an interview. Submissions are welcome from individuals across Alberta!

More details on advantages, expectations and time commitment is available in the 2020 Board of Directors Recruitment Information & Application Package.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Director, please complete the application form (located in the 2020 Board of Directors Recruitment Information & Application Package above) and send the form and your resume to contact Nikki Fullerton, Nominating Committee & Board Member, at nikkifullerton@gmail.com