As Alberta grows, so do the needs of its caregivers. Already, about one million Albertans – one in four over the age of 15 – support family and friends challenged by illness, disability and aging.

To meet these growing needs, and to ensure Caregivers Alberta can grow sustainably and make the largest possible impact in the lives of caregivers, our board of directors has developed five strategic intensions:

  1. Development and delivery of program and services that address caregivers’ needs.
  2. Develop partnerships and collaborate with non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private sector to promote and facilitate access to caregiver supports services.
  3. Influence healthy public policy to ensure that the health and social systems recognize, include, and support caregivers.
  4. Ensure the sustainability, relevancy and effectiveness of the Caregivers Alberta organization.
  5. Develop the organizational and leadership capacity to effectively advocate for and advance the needs of caregivers.

*These are all important and inform our strategic direction and intent. They are not in order of priority.

The Board of Directors meets annually to review the strategic directions and identify key strategic actions for the upcoming year.

View the 2018-2025 Strategic Direction here: Caregivers Alberta Strategic Framework