Caregivers Alberta grew from the ashes of one caregiver’s burnout. A group of caregivers banded together to support each other. In 2001 they founded Alberta Caregivers Association, now Caregivers Alberta.

Our mission: To empower caregivers and promote their well-being.
Our vision: An Alberta where caregivers are valued and supported.

Caregivers Alberta is an organization of caregivers, for caregivers. We focus on the caregiver as an individual- helping them maintain their well-being rather than teaching them how to be better caregivers.

As Alberta’s only dedicated caregiver organization, we improve the lives of Alberta’s caregivers by:

  • Providing group and one-on-one supports that help caregivers connect with others, navigate the system and look after themselves while providing care.
  • Increasing communities’ capacity to support caregivers by educating professionals, promoting networking and referrals, and sharing programs
  • Advocating for policy changes that will make a difference in caregivers’ lives

You can learn more about Caregivers Alberta’s Core Beliefs here: Core Beliefs