Caregivers Alberta regularly conducts consultations to learn more about caregivers and identify emerging issues. The results of these consultations guide the development of Caregivers Alberta programming and advocacy efforts.

Discovery Toolkit for Supporting Family Caregivers of Seniors (2014)

The toolkit contains tools for learning and discussion: summaries, slide presentations, handouts, and suggested resources. The tools are based on the proceedings and products of a conference entitled Supporting Family Caregivers of Seniors: Improving Care and Caregiver Outcomes that was held in April 2014.

Yours, Mine & Ours (2010)

Yours, Mine & Ours is the summary of the 2010 community consultations which had more than 400 caregivers and service providers participate in a survey and two full-day consultations.

Strategies to support caregivers in key areas including developing caregiver-specific supports, increase public understanding of caregivers, expand respite and homecare options, increase employment and financial security, ease system navigation, support “the system” and community to offer resources, and increasing political awareness were identified.

A full report of the consultation findings are available here.

Shining a Light (2003)

Soon after its founding, Caregivers Alberta conducted a needs assessment to better understand the needs of caregivers and how Caregivers Alberta could support them. The findings from Shining a Light continue to guide Caregivers Alberta’s approach.

Unfortunately, the needs identified in 2003, remain relevant today.