Anyone who supports a family member or friend with an illness, disability or issues due to aging is a caregiver. Caregiving can be as intensive as living with the person you’re caring for or as simple as driving your loved one to a doctor’s appointment or shovelling their walk.

You may be a caregiver and not even know it.

Many caregivers don’t think of themselves as caregivers – they’re simply taking care of the people who matter to them. They’re doing what any mom, daughter, neighbour, friend, brother, dad or son would do.

Recognizing a caregiver for what they are is essential. Their role can come with simple questions or more complex needs for support – and if they don’t know, they can’t ask for help.

Without the support they need caregivers can struggle to maintain balance and a positive quality of life.

No matter where caregivers are in their journey — just beginning their role or doing it for decades — it’s important for them to reach out to Caregivers Alberta. To protect their well-being, caregivers need support, understanding, resources and connection with others with similar experiences.

Here are some examples of caregiving: