We are so grateful for your donation and for being a part of our cause. You make an incredible impact on our ability to carry out our purpose and we couldn’t do it without you.  Thank you for supporting family caregivers across Alberta.

Caregiving knows no age limits!

It was through the simple act of filling up her car at a local Petro-Canada gas station that Liana discovered the Petro-Canada CareMaker Foundation and Caregivers Alberta. Growing up and seeing first-hand the impacts caregiving can have, Liana knew there was a need to support family caregivers.

“My mom was the youngest sibling in her family. Her older sister was born with a developmental disability and I watched how my grandparents cared for her, showering her with love, despite how hard it was on them.”

Like most caregivers, Liana’s grandparents looked after her aunt well into their 80’s. As their own health deteriorated and they were no longer able to care for her, the caregiving responsibilities fell to the siblings. “My mom was a big part of her sister’s care. I remember as a child we would visit weekly and us kids would entertain our aunt. We just knew instinctively that keeping her occupied, gave my grandparents a much-needed break.”

This is why Liana gives to Caregivers Alberta. She knows the resiliency and dedication it takes for caregivers to show up daily for their care recipient. “I see it all around me all the time. I see how it wears on the caregiver’s mental and emotional health.”

As a monthly donor, Liana understands how Caregivers Alberta’s programs are supporting caregivers and making a difference in their lives. “When I see caregivers struggling, I refer them to Caregivers Alberta. I believe it makes a difference.”

At Caregivers Alberta, we are grateful to our monthly donors, like Liana. Thanks to her generosity, we can continue to provide the resources, support and education that family caregivers need to sustain their caregiving journey.

Liana, Edmonton

Caregiving is a full-time job!

Upon landing her career job, Vivian wanted to give back to society and set about determining which charities she would support.  Knowing she wanted to support a health-focused charity, Vivian was overwhelmed with the number of health-focused charities.

“I choose Caregivers Alberta because I felt that by supporting caregivers, I could also be indirectly supporting people with any and all types of health conditions. I also liked that Caregivers Alberta was focused on people and their care.”

From complex needs to simple ones, Caregivers Alberta aids in the caregiving journey by providing caregivers with the support and resources to empower them on their caregiving journey. Our purpose is to provide education; support caregiver’s wellbeing; and advocate for public policy.

“I think awareness of the caregiving role is important, as it is a full-time job that needs resources and community supports,” says Vivian. “I imagine that caregiving can be a lonely journey and I think the peer support programs that Caregivers Alberta offers lets caregivers know they are not alone. It provides a forum for them to connect, share and learn.”

– Vivian, Edmonton

Supporting family caregivers, so they never have to feel alone

A monthly donor since 2020, Wayne gives so that no caregiver has to feel alone.

After Wayne’s dad died in 2006, his mom was able to continue living independently in her home.  In 2016, when it became difficult for his mom to continue living on her own, she agreed to move into a senior’s residence that her sister was also living at.

“My brothers and my sister did our best to help mom maintain her health and spirits. We were fortunate as mom was in good health and only taking a few medications.”

Then when the pandemic struck in 2020, Wayne and his brother, through the assistance of resident staff, were able to continue her care.  “We were fortunate. I know of others, not so.”

Around the same time, Wayne came across a social media post by a physio/caregiver and through discussions with family members discovered activities that would benefit their mom.

Interested, Wayne did some additional searches and discovered Caregivers Alberta, as well as other national organizations that support caregivers and their families.

“Mom passed in 2022. The reason I am a monthly donor is that I never want a caregiver or their care recipient to feel alone. I know that my mother knew I was there with her the night she passed.  It’s important to support seniors and family caregivers as they are so necessary.”

Caregivers Alberta is grateful to our donors, like Wayne, who help make our work possible.

Together, we can ensure family caregivers have access to the resources, education and tools they need to support them in their caregiving journey.

Donate today

– Wayne, Calgary