Caregivers in Alberta have a complex set of needs, and they require support from people who understand them and believe in them. These stories from our clients are a testament to the dedication we all bring to improving conditions for caregivers in the province.

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New! Caregiver Spotlight

In the spotlight this week, caregiver Dave Derraugh. A proud dad with the heart of a philosopher, Dave shares his journey as a dedicated father of a daughter with Down syndrome with us. His conclusion? We ALL have special needs, some are just more visible. And, with love, honour, respect and kindness, every one of us can bring our own unique beauty to the world.

Myth-busting the definition of “special” needs

By Dave Derraugh

I’m sharing a story with you that I’ve related to friends a number of times over the years, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.

I have been asked a few times in my life, since my special daughter was born, if she has siblings and if they also have “special” needs. One time, I didn’t answer the question immediately and took a minute or two to reflect on it. The silence was powerful. I looked peacefully at the person who asked the question and answered with, “We all have ‘special’ needs.”

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