Alberta’s dedicated caregiver support organization.

Founded in 2001 by a group of concerned caregivers, Caregivers Alberta strives to empower caregivers and promote their well-being by providing resources, mental health support, and education for Albertans caring for family members or friends.

No one chooses to be a caregiver, yet one million Albertans are currently living the caregiving journey without hesitation. At Caregivers Alberta, our role is to champion unpaid, family caregivers so that they can fulfill their roles in a healthy, sustainable way. We do this through advocacy and community-based partnerships across the province.

Nearly one in four Albertans over the age of 15 are caregivers. Caregiving can look different for each caregiver. They could be supporting a loved one by:

  • Providing around-the-clock, in-home care
  • Taking a loved one to appointments
  • Delivering groceries, and helping with household chores and maintenance
  • Navigating the healthcare system
  • Providing personal care and administering medication
  • Being a source of emotional support and companionship

Caregivers Alberta is focused on creating awareness of the challenges experienced by employees with caregiving responsibilities. Our Work & Care program assists employers with caregiver-employees in their workplaces.

Caregivers Alberta has compiled resources and tools to help employers recognize that 1 in 3 employees are also caregivers. There is a strong business case for supporting caregivers in the workplace, understanding legal obligations to caregiver-employees and implementing caregiver-friendly workplace policies, programs and practices.

Access resources and services such as:

  • Executive presentations on the leaders’ role in recognizing and supporting caregivers in the workplace
  • Professional development modules for managers and supervisors on engaging caregivers and creating a culture of support
  • Information and resources for supervisors, HR professionals and employee wellness groups
  • Up-to-date materials on caregiver-friendly workplace best-practices
  • Programs to directly support caregiver-employees at work
  • Customizable options for your organization