Alberta’s only organization dedicated solely to caregivers

Founded in 2001 by a group of concerned caregivers, Caregivers Alberta strives to empower caregivers and promote their well-being by providing resources, mental health support, and education for people caring for family members or friends.

Caregivers are heroes, not victims, but even heroes need a helping hand sometimes. At Caregivers Alberta, our role is to champion them to do what they do best.

Nearly one in four Albertans over the age of 15 are caregivers. We work to raise their profile and ensure they have the resources, community and support they need.

Caregivers provide support for their loved ones in many different situations. Some examples include:

  • Providing around-the-clock, in-home care
  • Bringing a loved one to appointments, delivering groceries, helping with household chores and maintenance
  • Supporting the navigation of the healthcare system, administering and tracking medication
  • Being a source of emotional support and companionship