Not sure what you’re looking for? Caregivers Alberta has a range of programs to meet your needs:

  • Looking for someone to talk to or trying to find resources? The Caregiver Advisor provides one-on-one support over the phone, by email and in person.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? COMPASS is a supportive workshop focused on caregiver well-being, self-care and finding balance while caregiving.
  • Want more information and tips on Caregiving? Our Information Sessions are presentations on a range of topics from sleep tips to boundaries.
  • Want to connect with other caregivers? Group programs like COMPASS and Caregiver Information Sessions are a great place to start.
  • Looking for support in your area?  Check our support finder to see if COMPASS, a support group, or information sessions are offered locally.

Check out our Program Listing pages to find workshops, support groups and special events in your community.  Remember to check out our events too.