By participating in research, you have the opportunity to influence the supports that are developed for caregivers.

The Canadian Spondylitis Association

The Canadian Spondylitis Association needs your expert input! They have launched a “Caregiver & Patient Support” survey to learn more about your experiences as a caregiver, where you access information and what types of topics are of interest.. We intend to use the insights collected to develop resources and website content and for advocacy and awareness purposes. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time. Please participate – you are the expert!…/caregiver-support-survey/

Reducing Stress for Dementia Caregivers

If you’re caring for someone living with dementia, you need help accessing resources in a timely manner so you can cope without feeling overwhelmed. Caregivers Alberta is supporting beta testing of a new Dementia Caregivers Navigation Tool – and we need YOU to participate!

We are looking for current caregivers of persons living with dementia, who are comfortable using computers and smart phones, to help test a new technology tool that will help caregivers manage busy days, promote self-care, and offer better support to those living with dementia. If you’re interested in participating, please respond to Johnna Lowther, our program manager at: or phone direct 587-415-8999 (participants must be from the Edmonton, AB area).