When we are advocating for caregivers, it is important to have research to back up our arguments. Caregivers Alberta partners with researchers across Canada to gain a better understanding of the issues caregivers face and how they can be better supported. By participating in research, you have the opportunity to influence the supports that are developed for caregivers.

Health Canada on Palliative Care

Health Canada would like to invite you to an online public consultation on palliative care in Canada.

This consultation is the first step in the development of a Framework upon which the federal Minister of Health will report by December of this year. We are interested in the views, lived-experiences and innovative ideas from a broad range of people, including health care providers, people living with life-threatening illness, caregivers and family members, and the public at large.

The online consultation is unique in that it covers off various discussion topics between now and July 2018. It is designed to be a conversation among Canadians, with opportunities to post your thoughts and experiences, respond to other people’s posts, share your stories and innovative ideas, and browse an extensive library of excellent resources and videos. With this amount of rich information and so many opportunities for discussion we designed the consultation to be interactive and evolving. Every few weeks, different themes will be introduced for discussion, so please register to join the conversation, and bookmark the page. We invite you to pick those topics that most appeal to you in the Key Dates section and join those conversations. We hope you will come back again and again!

This is a subject that affects all of us, so please share this invitation among your memberships and networks.

Let’s Talk about it! www.letstalkhealth.ca

The School of Public Policy – at University of Calgary

Calgary School of Public Policy – Are you a caregiver of a senior citizen and below the age of 65 and living in the Calgary area?  Earn $25/session to tell them about your care-giving experience in an important new study.  For more information contact:

Strategies for Patient-Oriented Research – SPOR

If you check their website: https://albertainnovates.ca/our-health-innovation-focus/the-alberta-spor-support-unit/ – you can see available research opportunities and also some of the training/education that is available for researchers and patients – many of which are online.

Enhancing Caregiver Well-Being – University of Alberta

We know the significant impact that caring for someone with a health issue can have on caregivers’ employment, and their health, social and financial well-being.  The intent of this survey is to understand the goals caregivers want to accomplish now and in the future, both as a person and as a caregiver – and the role that technology may play in achieving these goals.  For the opportunity to complete the survey contact:



Watch here for more opportunities to become involved in research.