Caregivers Alberta’s staff work closely with the Board and volunteers to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of Caregivers Alberta. Many of us are caregivers and all of us care passionately about caregiving issues.

All staff can be reached by contacting our main office number (780-453-5088, or toll-free 1-877-453-5088) or by clicking on our names for email. A star (*) denotes a current or past caregiver.

Sandy Sereda, CEO*

Morene Lamaitre, Administrative Manager

Johnna Lowther, Director of Programs and Services*

Karen Marner, Project Manager

Karen Cuthbertson, Caregiver Coach (Calgary)*

Cassy Lawson-Underwood, Caregiver Advisor

Darren Hinger, Program Administrator*

Muneet Sandhu, Research and Client Intake Coordinator*

Amrita Mavi, Finance and Human Resources Administrator

Angus Macdonell, Engagement Coordinator*

Rachel Hislop-Hook, Caregiver Coach, Edmonton Region

Tanya Burley, Caregiver Coach, Central Region

Lana Matthews, Caregiver Coach, South Region