Caregivers Alberta was founded in 2001 by a group of caregivers who recognized that while there were supports for caregivers, many of them focused on the care recipient; support groups and education programs would discuss the progression of their loved ones illness or what to do if your care recipient fell. The founding members identified a need for supports that would focus on their needs as a caregiver.

In order to understand the scope and impact of caregiving, Caregivers Alberta conducted a series of focus groups in 2003. This research was summarized in the “Shining a Light” report, and determined that family caregiver’s contributions were largely invisible to society and that caregivers often suffer in silence. The research also identified strategies to better meet the needs of caregivers. These strategies have shaped the direction, programs and initiatives of Caregivers Alberta.

Since 2009, Caregivers Alberta has been expanding its reach using partnerships and community collaborations. Through a grant from the Ministry of Health in 2013, Caregiver Alberta’s programs are now available in more than 30 communities across Alberta.