“You don’t get it until you’ve lived it…” – Program Participant

Jackie’s Story

The life of a caregiver is a challenging yet rewarding journey. Someone who is all too familiar with this is Jackie Katan from Edmonton, Alberta who cares for her husband, Darrell. He suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, an illness that was brought on suddenly and has progressed rapidly since his diagnosis.

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A Caregiver’s Testimony – Laurie

“There were nearly two patients in this scenario.” Laurie talks about the emotional journey when her son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Caregiving Journey – Bobbi Junior

“We had stepped out of our life and into something brand new.” Bobbi shares her experience finding a new normal after her daughter has a catastrophic accident.

Tammy’s Story

“Did we see it would get this bad? No.” Tammy discuss the impacts of caregiving on her career and finances.

Lois’ Caregiving Journey

“Okay, what is she going to forget next”. Lois talks about caring for her mom with dementia.

Doris’ Story

“One day its fine and the next something chaotic is happening”. Doris shares her experience balancing work with caring for a parent with a mental illness.


Leah’s Story

Leah McRorie“I’m learning a whole new language. I am still in the bargaining and anger stages, but I am hopeful. Hope puts my feet on the ground. The ACGA provided me support with a warm and safe welcome. I did not feel judged. I heard I mattered…”

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Chantel’s Story

ChantalBLynch-1“At the age of 17, I suddenly lost my mother to leukemia. Being the eldest of four, I took on the role of a mother and a caregiver. My advice for caregivers is to take care of yourself, as you can only give what you have. In the long run, everybody wins when caregivers care for themselves.”

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A Sign of Hope

I am a mom who has experienced times of both hope and low hope, throughout my journey caring for my son who had severe brain damage and physical disabilities … I never really thought about hope during my caregiving years, but in hindsight, I can see that I allowed my hope to gradually ebb away.

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